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Learning a second language, which may be another language or a dialect, opens up a whole host of other opportunities in learning English. It’s never been proven that a student who learns to speak English can progress in other areas of academic study or learning to communicate better with people who don’t speak English. Language learning¬†Divine English often focuses on learning grammar, which is of limited use to a student. A student has to learn more than just how to spell words, and in some cases, students who focus solely on grammar forget what it’s like to communicate in their native language.

Divine English – Quick Tips to Speak in English Fluently

The focus on grammar in language learning through books often prevents a student from having the skills to express themselves in their own way. It’s common for people to assume that when they have good grammar skills, they are already proficient with the language. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Grammar is only one part of the skill set that students need to develop in order to communicate in a meaningful way. The best way to enhance a student’s ability to communicate is to integrate them with a cultural perspective, as well as a linguistic one.

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